Ready? Set. GO!

For the past four years, you have been parenting a teenager who has made it through high school and is about to head off to college. Congratulations to all on reaching one of life’s big milestones!

For the past five years, I have been counseling college students as they negotiate the biggest transition of their young lives. It’s impossible to be prepared for everything; everyone hits a rough patch or faces a challenging situation–especially in their first year away at school.

READY? SET. GO! is a quick and painless summer program I designed for graduating high school seniors. It will give them the advantage of having the right tools for the most common challenges they will face in the year ahead. After the initial one-hour parent session, I’ll cover six skill-building modules in 60-90 minute one-on-one sessions with the student once a week for six weeks (or, if you prefer, twice a week for 3 weeks):

  • Be the squeaky wheel: Advocating for yourself
  • Do this, not that: Modifying behavior that can sabotage your success
  • Talk it out: Developing essential communication skills
  • All the feels: Managing the social complexities of campus life
  • They’re not gonna set themselves: Setting goals, creating accountability
  • Lifeboat drill: Learning to identify and access on-campus supports for help with issues involving dorm life, health and wellness, academics, financial aid, etc.

In addition to my 20 years as a clinician in the Boston area working with children and young adults, I am also the mother of three teenagers–one of whom is just home after a successful first year of college. So I can also offer parents a few survival skills. Finally, the RSG! program fee includes two ‘phone-a-friend’ sessions with the student during the school year — for help with a specific issue, or just a little encouragement.

I’m happy to answer your questions about this program, but let’s talk soon! It’s going to be a busy summer for everyone!