My Practice

Breaking News! I recently joined my friends Ashley & Mark for an episode of their fabulous podcast, Conversations in Courage. So follow this link and listen up!

CONVERSATIONS IN COURAGE (S2/E6) :: Bravery & Boundaries

Whether you come to therapy to decrease anxiety, address symptoms of depression or to explore transitions in your life (for example, coming out, moving, graduating, marriage and divorce, empty nesting, writing your dissertation, new job, new school, etc) and how they impact your functioning... my goal is always to support you while you make whatever changes you choose to make, and to help you feel grounded while things may be moving and shifting around you.

I am primarily a psychodynamic therapist who uses a holistic approach while incorporating Cognitive Behavioral based skills, Breathing and Behavior Modification techniques to support my clients.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is part of the healing. I am able to help you understand your thought patterns and how those thoughts impact feelings and behavior so that change is possible. I can also help you figure out what motivates you and then use those things to help you shape habits and behavior to your benefit.

When working with children and teens, I don't believe in treating them in a vacuum. I work with families, siblings and other care givers to ensure that everyone is working toward goals together.

I work with individuals of all ages

  • Families
  • College students
  • People sorting out issues as they relate to Orientation and Gender Identity¬† (including families of younger children)
  • People who have experienced trauma in their lives
  • Folks who struggle with Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • People who have a Chronic Medical Condition

A little about me...

I'm a Lesbian Mom... a human services professional... a teacher... a friend... an advocate... a daughter... a sister... a co-parent to three awesome teens... an adoptee... a dog lover... And I'd love the opportunity to get to know more about you!